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Squeebles Times Tables 2

开发 Fantamstick, Ltd.
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Practice your times tables in the most fun and interactive way possible with the latest version of our popular times tables app, whilst helping Whizz rescue the Squeebles from the clutches of the nasty Math Monster. Earn a multitude of rewards and turns on a great mini-game by doing well in your times tables.The Squeebles apps have been featured by BBC Radio, The Telegraph, The Observer and The Guardian amongst others, and have reached the number 1 position in the education category in the UK and Australian Apple charts.
★ Features - For Children:
✔ Practice your tables across 6 different game modes ("Tables 1-12", "Tricky Tables", "Mix It Up", "Fill The Gap", "Challenge Mode" and "Extreme Tables").✔ Learn your tables from scratch in the "Step by Step Training" section.✔ Covers tables from the regular 1 to 12 sets through to the 13, 14 and 15 times tables for those of you who have mastered the others. ✔ 35 Squeebles characters to rescue by doing well in your tables, each with its own unique personality card. ✔ 50 gemstones to win for reaching certain milestones. ✔ Earn turns on a fun mini-game called "bubble-ball" by answering tables questions correctly. ✔ Earn stars to swap for equipment to use in the bubble-ball game. ✔ Win special random bonus rewards when you're least expecting it.
★ Features - For Parents and Teachers:
✔ Password-protected parents' area lets you manage players and view progress. ✔ View full stats from the last 28 days for each child registered with the app. ✔ Stats show each table attempted and any incorrect answers so each child's progress can be carefully monitored. ✔ Register unlimited children with the app, making it perfect for classroom use as well as home use. ✔ Lock table sets or particular questions so children are only asked tables which are suitable for their ability level. This also stops children from earning unlimited rewards by answering questions they find very easy. ✔ View a list of "Tricky Tables" for each child (questions they have previously got wrong). ✔ Edit player settings, allowing customisation of how questions are presented to each child. ✔ Switch between user-entry or multiple choice answer modes for children of different ages or ability levels. ✔ No in-app purchases, adverts or internet links of any kind.
★ For support, comments or enquiries, please e-mail us at
Have fun with Squeebles!